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Bellarine Bears Player & Participant Consents

Before commencing with the Bellarine Bears Baseball Club, we require for you to provide consent.

If you have any questions about consent, please feel free to contact us for a chat about your concerns.

Medical Consent

In the event of an emergency requiring immediate medical attention, we the undersigned, permission for the legally qualified medical officer, registered to practice medicine, to provide treatment, perform tests, or administer medication to the participant.


By ticking this box on registration, you confirm that the health and medical details pertaining to the participant as completed on application form are true and correct and any known contra-indications or concerns regarding administration of medication and general health care have been detailed.

Media Release

The Bellarine Bears Baseball Club and their affiliated partners (ie. Awesome Adventures) would like your consent to take still photography and / or digital images for production of marketing, communication and promotional material around the club facilities, online and on our social media channels.

By ticking this box on registration, you consent for that material to be used, if selected, for a range of purposes as outlined above; to effectively communicate inclusion and diversity and to celebrate / represent people of all abilities, to promote our club, it's players and community.

If you have any concerns, please talk to us.

Damage Policy

In the event of any damage caused wilfully or deliberately, it is expected that repairs and or replacement will be funded by the participant.

By ticking this box on registration, you agree that there will be an account issued to recover any expenses incurred as a result of damage that has been deemed to have been caused wilfully and, if I break it, I will pay to fix it.

I agree that if myself, child, resident, participant, customer, damage something I will fund the necessary repairs or replacement.

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